Invoicing Policy

November 1 2019

The Pacific Northwest Rugby Referee Society supplies referees and match officials across several Leagues, Unions and other Rugby bodies in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.

PNRRS charges clubs and / or unions for the services of the match officials and the current rate schedule is published at Depending on the exact function, between 75% and 100% of this fee goes to the appropriate match official with PNRRS retaining the balance to support administrative functions of the society. In most cases, PNRRS sets an agency fee of <20% for center referees and 0% for other functions. Current year’s books are presented at the PNRRS AGM and are available on request for qualified officers of the Unions and Leagues that are PNRRS clients.

PNRRS operates three different invoicing models by arrangement with the Leagues / Unions:

1) PNRRS will invoice the club directly for match official services. PNRRS invoices the home team for the full amount and does not invoice the away team. So if Team A is playing Team B and it is a home game for team A, then Team A will receive an invoice for the whole amount as specified at . This is the default model and is used for most Unions, including PNRFU.

2) By Specific arrangement, PNRRS will invoice the league or union at specified times for the entire amount accrued up until that time. I.e. if there have been 20 games played in league X, then PNRRS will invoice league X for 20 x the appropriate rate. The league may determine their own internal financial policies to ensure there are funds available. This is the model used by (for example) Rugby Washington and the NCRC.

3) For specially designated tournaments, normally summer 7s, PNRRS operates a pay on the day policy where we expect the tournament management to directly pay the referees the agreed amounts ( at the end of the tournament.

PNRRS invoices the clubs or unions twice annually, following each half of the current season. Typically, this is in June and January. An exception is made for designated tournaments where a pay on the day model is operated. All PNRRS Invoices are provided with 30 day payment terms. All invoices cover the provision of match officials for games only, and do not include any other functions.

PNRRS makes pay outs to the match officials roughly two months after the invoice cycle has been completed, typically August and March. This delay is to allow for income to be gathered before payouts are made.

It is PNRRS policy that all transactions should be conducted using online electronic fund transfer such as Venmo or PayPal.

Each match official will maintain an active PayPal or Venmo account which the society treasurer will use to distribute appropriate funds. Using this model enables substantial efficiency and transactional tracking gains compared to the older model of mailing checks to individual referees.

Each club or union should maintain a PayPal or Venmo account for paying invoices, or may engage in a direct EFT from their financial institution to PNRRS (account details are available from the PNRRS treasurer, Any club or union requiring a paper transaction or other special arrangements with PNRRS should make specific arrangements with the PNRRS treasurer.


PNRRS must invoice the clubs and unions in order to reimburse match officials for their time. PNRRS understands that there may be turnover of club or union officials and that managing revenues at the clubs can be a difficult process, and PNRRS is committed to working with the clubs to make this process as pain free as possible. However, since officials cannot be reimbursed until money is received from the clubs, we operate the following policies for clubs in arrears.

1) Each club or union is responsible for ensuring that PNRRS has proper contact details where an invoice can be sent or emailed.

2) Any club or union that does not meet the ‘net 30’ terms of their invoice shall be considered as in arrears by PNRRS. Those clubs or unions will be listed on the PNRRS web site with an indication of the amount that they owe the referee society.

3) Any club or union that is two invoice periods behind shall not receive match official services for any home games until such time as the overdue amount is cleared or some other payment method has been arranged with PNRRS.

4) Any club that is three or more invoice periods behind shall not receive match official services for any home or away games that they are involved in, and their respective parent organization shall be invoiced for the entire overdue amount.