Match reimbursements vary by league and level of match as per the following chart:

Twice yearly an individual statement will be sent to the email address on file in WhosTheRef showing the current balance and activity credited.  Remember, you only get credit if a match report is submitted in a timely manner for a match scheduled via the allocation process in WhosTheRef.

In addition to per-match reimbursements, in cases where the referee is asked to travel out of their area for a match there is a per-mile reimbursement available.  If you were asked to travel out of your area (100 miles or more) for a match you should use the mileage reimbursement form to initiate your request for reimbursement.    


The treasurer will send your statement twice a year but will not automatically send a reimbursement check until you confirm:

  • That you want the reimbursement now. When total reimbursements would exceed $600 for the year the appropriate 1099 tax form will also be filled out and sent.

  • That your address is correct. We send paper checks through Wells Fargo to your address.

The paper check will come from Wells Fargo - please open the envelope and deposit the check, Wells Fargo automatically cancels any payments not cashed within 60 days.