Calling matches is a time consuming commitment to the game we all know and love.  Without a referee we have no rugby and we are all in debt to those who pick up the whistle, regardless their level or experience.

Understanding this commitment, the society provides a modest reimbursement for the match and travel above 100 miles (this is the West, if the round trip is under 100 miles that's a trip around the block).  Reimbursements come twice yearly, typically in November and June, for the previous season.  Summer events are paid on the spot or bundled with the fall season.  The reimbursement rates are as follows:


We reimburse at the federal tax rate for business travel, $0.14 per mile for round trips of 100 miles or more.  Please fill out this form to claim your miles and email it to our treasurer (the WhosTheRef miles/expenses claim is not in use today).



Full Day Referee - $100

Half Day Referee - $50

Full Day Admin/Coach - $50



AR/#4 - $25 per match

Admin/Coach - $50 per match

Referee - $35-$80 depending on league and level of fixture.