Rates and Fees


Club Fees for Referees

Club fees for referees are quite modest in the Pacific Northwest.  Different leagues have different rates, ranging from $65 for a referee for a High School match to $100 for a referee for a Senior D1 match.  Assistant Referees rates are $25 per sideline, with other support personnel (#4, Sub managers, etc.) also at $25.  Referee managers and coaches are billed at cost at $50 per match when requested.


Club Fees for Sevens

Sevens has changed over to an On-The-Day fee and reimbursement model.  Referees and support personnel are a flat rate of $50 or $100 for half or full days.  The even itself will also carry a service fee to support the incidental costs, this will scale with the event but for most events will be around $100.  Some tournaments will require special travel and accommodation arrangements - especially when out of town referees are brought in to support the event.  Please engage with your regional allocator as early as possible to ensure there are no surprises.


Sevens tournaments will not be assigned referees if the event is unsanctioned and the hosting and participating clubs are not CIPP'd and in good standing with their respective unions and societies.