Start by CIPP'ing as a referee. Once you've done that, join If you have preferences about what sort of games you referee, or restrictions about what types of games you want to cover, email your allocator.

The allocators are:

  • Washington: Geoff Freeman []

  • Idaho: Pat Wickman []

  • Oregon: Ryan Curtis []

Joining WhosTheRef

Start off by going to and clicking the Login button.


Click on the "Sign up as a new user" link.

Here you must choose the Pacific Northwest as the Organization to join. Enter your personal information and in the Comments section you must specify something. 

Once you're signed up, you'll need to wait for one of the site administrators to approve you. It usually happens quickly. It will look like the picture below:

You'll need to follow the directions for setting your password the first time. Once you've done so, you'll be presented with a summary page and a link to your personalized database.

Click the link for your database and you'll see a link on the left hand side for your Availability. 

In the Contact Availability, choose the time period which you'd like to update.

There is a little edit button in the action column. You'll need to click on this for each month that you'd like to update.

Check the box for each day when you'll be available to referee. You can limit your availability by different times of day if necessary. 

Once you've updated your availability for a month, click the Save button.

You'll see a confirmation page that your availability was updated. 

Once your allocator has assigned you to a game, you'll get an email that looks like the picture below. Click on the Accept link, and you'll be confirmed for the fixture. 

You're on your way! Again, if you have any preferences or restrictions on which games you'll referee, please email your allocator. We're happy that you're getting involved and look forward to working with you.